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Europe, Middle East & Africa Investment & Economic Forum
Previous 2020 Venue & Location | Carlo IV Prague
The 2020 EMEA Investment & Economic Forum will took place at the Carlo IV Hotel Prague in the -
Czech Republic

Nearby Attractions - Canals, culture and the city’s best shopping. As well as its abundant and enticing
architecture—Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic - Prague crams an impressive amount of culture into its relatively
small size. The compact Old Town and adjacent New Town offer first-class museums and stunning galleries, as
well as some memorable street sculpture. In summer, there are riverside walks and boat rides to enjoy, as well as
green parks and romantic gardens to explore, while those willing to explore a little further afield will be rewarded
with star-studded cemeteries, Soviet-era landmarks and factories transformed into cultural complexes.

Prague Old Town - Tourists from all over the world come to marvel at the oldest operating mechanical clock &
Old Town Christmas markets. The Astronomical Clock, a focal point of the Staré Město (Old Town) district, has
chimed since 1410 – a testament to the avant-garde thinking that has always held sway here. After an extensive
multi-year reconstruction project, the clock has now been fully restored to its former glory, with its astrolabe face
complete with indicators for Babylonian time and Zodiacal ring. The clock is surrounded by four statues
representing four despised sins: Vanity, Greed, Death
and Lust.
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