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"A critically timed briefing for investors, corporate leaders, institutional investors
and commercial development directors, regarding the global economic recovery and
investment strategy development. Taking into account the lasting impacts of the
Covid pandemic, struggling industry sectors, new growth areas and financial and
market risks posed by geopolitical trends and the digital transformation of the EMEA
& global economy"

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Welcome to the annual
EMEA Investment & Economic Forum
Main Conference Sessions

Topics & themes to be addressed:

  • Leading institutional investor insights and case studies in portfolio structuring
    and asset allocation

  • Analysis of leading authorities into how global economic trends can be
    leveraged into enhanced ROI

  • Utilising asset classes such as private equity to offset liabilities and deliver
    required yields given low interest rates

  • Overview of infrastructure and real estate opportunities to facilitate higher

  • Accurate risk assessment – correctly applying specific risk frameworks to guard
    investment returns and protect against market volatility

  • Using Environmental, Social And Governance criteria to fulfil increasing
    ethical investment requirements while continuing to generate mandated returns

  • Evaluating new methods in asset allocation to maintain and boost portfolio

  • The impact of disruptive technologies on institutional investment

  • Managing the investment, financial, operational, regulatory and political risks
    inherent within EMEA and global markets

  • How recent geopolitical and economic developments will affect investors
    and corporations

  • The future of the EU, US foreign policy, the consequences of Brexit for

  • Investor views regarding the rise and utilisation of alternative assets and

  • DC, DB and Private Scheme policy design and adaptation to new regulations and
    their impact will be members or investor clients.

The EMEA Economic Forum Audience
The EMEA Economic Forum is an investment and finance event analysing the economic
risks and prospects for conventional and non conventional assets classes, investment
strategies, and industrial sectors event. The event is specifically relevant to institutional
investment decision-makers, C-Level executives from multi-national and expanding national
organisations with global or EMEA regional scopes of responsibility including:

  • Chief Investment & Chief Financial Officers
  • Heads of Investment Policy and Scheme Design
  • CEOs and Chief Operating Officers
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Treasurers
  • Members of the Management Board
  • Divisional Heads of Regional Operations
  • Chief Analysts
  • Private Investors & Family Offices
  • Asset Managers and Investment Banks
  • Investment Consultants & Actuaries
  • Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Hedge Funds
  • Investment, Citizenship & Residency Specialists
  • Fund Administration and Services Specialists
  • Investment and Banking Providers
  • HR Directors
  • Chief Digital Officers, IT Directors and Heads of Digitalisation
  • Chief Economists and Market Strategy Directors
  • Directors of EMEA / EU / Middle East / Market Operations, Strategy and Development

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