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Creating / Maintaining a Competitive Edge as a Preferred
Global Tourism Destination
  • Regional performance and Cyprus consecutive record breaking trajectory in
    tourism arrivals and revenues.
  • The main elements behind this success.
  • Incorporating the development of medical tourism in the 2014-2020 European
    Programme for Smart Expertise
  • Increasing interest of investors into the acquisition of real estate assets.
  • The way forward with an air of justified optimism.

Speaker:  Zacharias Ioannides, Director General,  Cyprus Hotel Association
Speaker: Prof. Sergio Carfizzi, Direttore Generale, Fondo Pensione Nazionale
- Italy

Professor Carfizzi,is an economics Professor, Accountant and Auditor, he collected a
strong and consolidated experience in complementary pension, leading among other
things primary institution like Complementary Pension Fund of Banco di Napoli.  He
has been working for Fondo Pensione Nazionale BCC/CRA since 2008 where he is
General Manager and Head of Finance gaining several awards in the last few years
for innovative investments adopting ESG factors into investment decision-making.
2019 EMEA Investment & Economic Forum
Tuesday 7th - Thursday 9th May
Site Inspection Tours & Visits: 9th & 10th May
(Optional Energy Sessions Friday 10th May)
Current Challenges Affecting the EMEA and Global Economies
Investment Outlook 2020: The European Logistics Market
Economic growth throughout the Eurozone is picking up and foreign investors from the
US, Middle East and Asia are flocking to explore opportunities in the European logistics
market. Gain valuable investment intelligence via a time-efficient briefing on the latest
opportunities and highlight real solutions and strategies based on decades of market

Speaker:  Christian Müller, Head of Strategy & Research, CBRE Global Investors

CBRE Global Investors is one of the world’s leading real asset investment managers
with $106 billion in assets under management.
EMEA Digital Transformation Summit (Optional Day) | Thursday 9th May 2019
EMEA Forum Digital Transformation Sessions: Thursday 9th May
2019 Key Speakers & Sessions

  • How the return of global inflation in goods and services is affecting investors and
  • The effect of governmental monetary policies in killing companies’ desire to invest.
  • Brexit analysis and scenarios: UK options and prospects of the region
  • Could the UK become a highly competitive tax haven threat to the EU?

Speaker:  Dr. Peter Warburton, Macro Economist, Economic Perspectives
Dr. Peter Warburton has worked as an applied economist in London since 1975,
graduating from Warwick University with a Masters degree and gaining a doctorate from
City University in 1988. He has worked in the academic and financial sectors in a variety
of roles and is a frequent guest on radio and television programmes discussing the state
of the UK economy. He founded Economic Perspectives in 1996.
7th - 10th May 2019 | St Raphael Resort & Marina | Limassol | CYPRUS
EU Capital Markets & Brexit Risks | Challenges, Implications
and Changes in EU Supervisory Architecture
  • Challenges and Implications of Brexit on EU Capital Markets and Governance
  • Possible new role for ESMA having more supervisory powers
  • Third country regime for the EU
  • Fragmentation in capital markets in the EU | Differences between Eastern and
    Western Europe and Northern and Southern Europe.
  • Incoming macroeconomic issues and their affect on capital markets in the EU.
  • ESAs review package

Speaker: Josina Kamerling, Head of Regulatory Outreach EMEA, CFA Institute
Future Centres and Sectors of Economic Growth and Decline |
& Impacts of Brexit & External Instability on Investments
Confirmed Speaker: Dr. Savvas Savouri, Chief Economist, Tosca Fund

Dr. Savvas Savouri is Chief Economist for Toscafund Asset Management. Previously
Dr. Savouri worked for the capital markets divisions of Lazard, Credit Lyonnais, and
Commerzbank, having started his career with ABN AMRO, in the capacity of head of
quantitative finance. He has also taught extensively at the London School of
Economics, and the University of Woolwich, as well as at Oxford and Moscow
Universities. He has authored various academic papers published in peer-reviewed
journals, including one authored alongside a recent Nobel Prize winner.
Generating Higher Positive Assets and Yields to Meet Liabilities

  • Finding secure income through real assets and alternative debt investments
  • Moving away from investments from typical developed markets and government
    investment bonds to alternative investment opportunities offering higher returns

Speaker: Dr. Steven Keuning, Administrator - ECB Pension Funds

Dr. Keuning is Adviser to the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, the
Administrator of the ECB Pension Funds and Chair of the Eurosystem Organisational
Development Committee (ODC). He is also Secretary of the Council Task Force, the sub-
group of the ECB Governing Council dealing with strategic Eurosystem issues
Key Sessions Include (please refer to your attendee agenda for timings):
The Establishment of the Cyprus Sovereign Wealth Fund and
the Future Role of Oil and Gas Revenues
  • Establishment of the Cyprus Sovereign Wealth Fund:- Overview and structure.
  • Why revenues from natural resources are unique and the role they play.
  • Benefit and risk analysis.
  • Sovereign Wealth Fund affect on national economic policy.
  • Main features of the Cyprus SWF/ NIF and fiscal rule models to follow.

Speaker:  Panayiotis Tilliros, Senior Economist, Ministry of Finance,
Government of Cyprus
17:00 Close of Wednesday (May 8th) Conference Day Proceedings
09:00 | Conference Sessions | Thursday 9th May
Increasing Consistency Between Organisational Leadership
Directives and Management Implementation: Implementing
New Orgnaisational Productivity Principles at Statoil (Equinor)
Speaker:  Bjarte Bogsnes, Vice President of Performance Development,
  • How to cultivate purpose: Engage and inspire people around bold and noble
    causes; not around short-term financial targets.
  • Governing through shared values and sound judgement; not through detailed
    rules and regulations.
  • Making information open for self-regulation, innovation, learning and control.
  • Cultivating a strong sense of belonging and organise around accountability.
  • Trusting and empowering employees with the with freedom to act.
  • Setting business rhythms, targets, forecasts, resource allocation, performance
    evaluation, and rewards.
Democratizing Blockchain Capabilities for Enterprise
  • Adding productivity enhancements and consortium-oriented identity management
    features to enable organisations to conduct business transactions via a
    blockchain networks.
  • How new DevOps capabilities make the oracle platform easier to integrate with
    existing business and IT systems.
  • Leveraging blockchain as an important data store in the enterprise, and enabling
    Autonomous Data Warehouse customers to transparently capture blockchain
    transaction history and current state data for analytics and to integrate it with
    other data sources.

Speaker: Thrasos Thrasyvoulou, Development Director EMEA Blockchain
Challenges and Opportunities in Digitalization in Highly Complex
Operating Environments
Smarter use of data is increasingly among the top priorities of today’s energy
companies. While the industry has access to a greater volume of data than ever
before, it faces challenges accessing its potential, mainly due to data arriving from
disparate streams, in dissimilar formats, and at varying speeds and accuracy.

Speaker: Elfride Covarrubias, Development Manager - Mediterranean, DNV GL
Leveraging Digital Tools to Build and Consolidate Business Operations
and Customers
  • Marketing to the Rescue: Leverage Digital Opportunities to Mitigate Pricing
    Reactions and Stabilize Prices
  • Traveler Trends and Booking Behaviors: Actionable Data and Insights for
  • Optimizing content and user experience for a future in which half of all queries
    are voice-driven.
  • Taking a holistic approach to sales, digital and revenue optimization and an
    overriding component of a complete revenue strategy

Speaker: Elie Milky, VP Business Development, Radisson Hotel Group
The Future of Money | How Financial Institutions, Banks & Banking
Services Can Keep Pace with Digital Disruption by FinTech Innovators
  • Moving towards a cashless society; who will benefit from the transition and what
    will the consequences be?
  • The trends from Scandinavian FinTech; how Northern Europe sees the future of
    money and how FinTech can will connect the world.
  • What should banks do if they still want to remain in business.
16:30: Conference Sessions Close | & Optional Oil & Gas Summit Sessions
Structuring a Defined Contribution Pension Scheme Around
Four Critical Investment Lines
India is booming. Urbanization, a huge rising middle class and a free-spending
younger generation, not to mention business-friendly government reforms, have made
it one of the world's fastest-growing emerging market economies. Its economic
performance puts the world's second most populous nation in position to become "one
of the largest growth engines in the world and is attracting new investors, even those
who are traditionally conservative when it comes to the developing markets.

Speakers: His Excellency The High Commissioner - Dr. R. K. Raghavan

& Mr. Suresh Sharma, Commercial Attache

High Commission of India - Nicosia
Trade and Investment Opportunities With India
Investing in Blockchain - Its Current and Future Applications
and the Importance of Screening & Due Diligence Process
Developing Mechanisms to Boost Support for Start-Ups and
Early-Stage Innovation
Confirmed Speaker: Joe Greaney, President Emeritus EBN, the European
Business and Innovation Centre Ireland
& former Director, WestBIC, Ireland

Joe Greaney is currently the President of EBN and Chair of the Association of EU BICs
in Ireland. Joe is a regular policy contributor at both EU and National level on many
aspects of Applied Innovation Support Services in the SME market and delivers
technical support in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation `space` outside of the EU. His
areas of expertise include Entrepreneurship, Incubation, Private Equity Start-up Capital,
Transnational Innovation Transfer, the Innovation Process in the SME market and the
relevant institutional frameworks. Formerly he was the Director of WESTBIC, the long
established EU Business Innovation Centre for Ireland's BMW Region..
  • A brief overview of blockchain projects - what are they about and what do they
  • Review of overall blockchain developments over the past few years
  • Risks and benefits
Speaker:  Beverly Tonna, Legal Advisor, Blockchain Advisory
Blockchain is the hottest jargon in the financial world and potentially the most exciting
development since the invention of the internet. According to one expert, it ‘promises
to do for finance and payments what the shipping container did for world trade’. But
what are its applications and how do you invest in it?
Investing & Developing New Growth Sectors - Building New
Health Tourism Services While Leveraging National USPs
Speaker:  Prof. Konstantinos Kouskoukis, President of the Hellenic Academy of
Thermal Medicine, & President,
Hellenic Health Tourism Association
Leveraging unique natural resources and offering a new and highly beneficial
healthcare services to the medical tourism sector can prove to inject new investments
and re-invigorate existing infrastructure and stabilise seasonal risk. In this sessions
Professor Konstantinos Kouskounis will present the progress of developing a new
medical tourism services sector in Greece.
Wednesday 8th May | EMEA Cultural Medical & Sports Tourism & Investment Summit Stream
  • The dynamics within the GCC a market with a focus on the two largest
    economies - UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  • Overview of the thriving yet volatile real estate, education and healthcare
    sectors as the drivers to the economy.
  • The challenges and opportunities within these sectors and reflect on ways that
    value can be extracted in the current economic climate.
  • Ways of collaboration between EMEA and Cyprus and partnership prospects.
  • Futuristic evolution of these sectors and what to expect in the coming years.

Speaker: Basem Abu Dagga, CEO, Aster Global Partners, UAE
Aster Global
GCC Investment Strategy and Execution in Real Estate,
Education and Healthcare
European Hotel Market Performance Update Opportunities &
Challenges for Leisure, Medical, Cultural & Sports Tourism
Destinations and Investors
  • Evaluation of European hotel performance overall: The cities have seen the
    fastest occupancy growth in recent years
  • How European hotel demand and supply track against other world regions
  • Discussion of hotel performance in European destinations through the lens of
    medical, cultural and sports tourism: How have these tourism areas contributed
    to drive hotel performance growth for destinations?
  • Understanding global travellers and their relationship with destinations
  • How  medical, cultural and sports tourism raise the profile of destinations and
    propensity to revisit
Speaker:  Ivana Neskovic, Regional Accounts, Tourism Consumer Insights, STR
Higher Education System Development in the Digital Age and the
Development of Soft-Skills
  • Countering the soft skills gap and having truly t-shaped computer science
    graduates through the use of University – Industry collaborations.
  • Utilisation of structured internships.
  • How to leverage active learning to promote a student-centered environment.
  • How to effectively address the educational challenges of the rapid and
    unpredictable technological advances.

Speaker: Elpida Keravnou-Papailiou, Professor and Department Chair, Head of the
Computer Science Department,
Cyprus University of Technology
Speaker: Jack Nikogosian, CEO, ARYZE | Denmark
Jack Nikogosian is a Danish blockchain expert with a  great insight in terms of trends
within cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, digital payments and tokenisation Jack
has the unique skill of being able to combine new technologies.